18 March 2018

Old Navy Base buildings

North Charleston, SC    
Yesterday's fundraising Walk for Water started at the Riverfront Park in North Charleston this year and led us through the old Navy Base. It is always a treat to see these buildings and to hear recent good news that more of them will be renovated.
Post & Courier: North Charleston City Council signed off on plans to hire an interior design firm to turn a 1898 white cottage in the historic district along the Cooper River into a bed and breakfast. A second bed and breakfast eventually will follow inside a neighboring 1905 home already under renovation. Every step toward completing these projects realizes Mayor Keith Summey's larger vision of turning that part of city into a commercial center where locals and tourists alike can enjoy riverfront views."I want this to be the new downtown of North Charleston," he said Thursday.The city is partnering with the Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority, where Sean McDonell works as an engineer. The views of the Cooper River are only part of the area's attraction, he said. "Everybody loves to see old homes being renovated," McDonell said. "And they all have some stories behind them." If all goes as planned, Summey said he hopes the area will become popular enough to attract water taxis."Our ultimate goal is to have Montague from 526 all the way to the river," Summey said. "And on the river, become downtown North Charleston."

17 March 2018

Walk for Water - 2018

Walk for Water - 2018
The annual Walk for Water was held this morning at the Riverfront Park in North Charleston. Water Missions International's warehouse is on the old Navy base property and the walk took us right through their work site. 4,000 people gathered to raise funds for water purification treatment systems providing clean water around the world.

15 March 2018

Playing tourist

Charleston, SC 
I have not fallen off the face of the blogosphere! I've had guests in town and have been enjoying playing tourist in my own town. I've tended to toss a few pictures up on facebook rather than do a blog entry. But, here I am! My niece Bonita and fiance Dalaney rented out their home in Edmonton, Canada, converted an old plumbers van and hit the road exploring the US for up to six months. Follow their adventures on Advantourers.

They arrived in Charleston for the weekend and hit the Cars & Coffee show with their van, St. Patrick's day festivities in Park Circle, Swig & Swine for BBQ, Sunday brunch overlooking the Yorktown aircraft carrier, Second Sunday on King St. and yesterday lunch at Old St. Andrew's Tea Room and Magnolia Plantation Garden and took a walking tour on the peninsula yesterday. It's been a treat to have the company. 

08 March 2018

Just a moment

Every moment is a little bit later, Charleston, SC   
I try not to glorify vandalism but this stenciled message has been on this wall for so long I decided the owners must like it. 

06 March 2018

Just chillin'

Booze Pops, Charleston, SC   
Well. I'm not sure this was an official part of the Wine & Food Festival but it's one way to get your alcohol.
From US News: His big sellers are watermelon, lemonade and strawberry daiquiris and he has non-alcoholic treats for children."We're trying to make it super-nice," Norris said. "Mom can get her Martini pop and little Jimmy can get a SpongeBob."By selling the treats as food, Norris can go anywhere. Recently, he parked his van in Folly Beach near a wedding party. Norris has kept his van mostly around Charleston, but wants to branch out to Columbia and Myrtle Beach.If the rules change and the Booze Pops van is regulated like an alcohol seller, Norris could only work special events and not wherever he thought he could make money."I'm sure I would have to get some different licensing," he said. "I could still do a lot of the things I do now. I would just have to do it differently."

05 March 2018

Hello baby peaches!

Santee, SC   
I hope the chilly temperatures last night didn't hurt the peach blossoms. I spotted this orchard between Eutawville and Santee. Considering the number of peaches grown in South Carolina (more than in George, doncha know?), I don't very often see orchards of blossoms from the road and this was a pretty sight. 

04 March 2018

Walk with me - Charles Towne Landing

History Trail, Charleston Towne Landing, Charleston, SC   
Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site sits on a marshy point, located off of the Ashley River, where a group of English settlers landed in 1670 and established what would become the birthplace of the Carolina colony.
My walk this bright sunny day was at Charles Towne Landing which is very close to my house. In a pinch I could walk to it although I'd have to cross too many fast paced streets to make it a pleasure. Luckily it is one of our more reasonable parks to visit. With the animal forest it is popular with young families.

I remember a few years ago an uproar about the totem pole and the possibility that it might be taken down but it had a protective fence around it and appears to have a support structure in place. Well done. Azaleas are starting to pop into bloom but it was a little cool for gator spotting and the good shop Adventure was out for annual maintenance.

03 March 2018

Bottoms Up!

American Theater, King St., Charleston
Wine & Food Festival in progress! Oddly no one was on the street offering samples of either. 
Note: These buildings are this color but at the moment so is everything else in Charleston. There is a thick layer of pollen on everything. Green cars for everyone!