22 May 2018

Mural puzzle

Coming St. Grocery, Spring St., Charleston, SC   
What is going on with the faded old mural on this building, kids? Any idea? Small patch left but it is brightly painted. Are they refreshening the entire building? The bottom photo is from a few years ago.

(Shots below are from earlier views)

20 May 2018

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Yemassee Junction

Yemassee, SC    
If I am ever driving through Yemassee, SC I must stop to check on the Yemassee Junction/Holy Temple Church mural. According to Google images I am not the only person who does that. We could each chip in a buck as we pass by towards mural maintenance.

These pictures were from a day trip from last weekend aiming to head to lunch at Fletcher's Finds, where you eat lunch inside an actual antique shop but arrived after it had closed for the afternoon. A drive takes longer when you stop to admire every quirky scene along the way. I didn't go to church and I missed lunch but a drive in the country at spring time in the lowcountry is always a successful day.

19 May 2018

It's Jasmine time!

Confederate Jasmine, Charleston, SC   
 Jasmine here, jasmine there, jasmine everywhere!

Whatcha doing this afternoon, kids? There is a tour of a part of Charleston not usually included in the grand mansion tour packages. If the rain holds off for us it should be fun. Click the link for details and maybe I will see you there.

Cannonborough-Elliotborough Tour of Homes

Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EST) 

17 May 2018

Something missing Sergeant Jasper

Colonial Lake, Charleston, SC 
Such a big change is shocking, shocking. When I lived downtown the Sergeant Jasper apartment building always seemed like the downtown option for tiny but affordable apartment living. No more, kids. There is no tiny but affordable housing on the peninsula. It's gone, gone, gone. I am sure there will soon be luxury condos.

15 May 2018

Magnolia Blossoms

Magnolia Blossom, Charleston, SC  
Have I been posting a lot of blossoms lately? Get used to it! Charleston is a garden in spring time. 

14 May 2018

Beep, beep!

Charleston, SC   
It is so darn cute. There must be a story behind it. The house could use a little love but by the look of the permits in the window I am sure that is going to happen soon.

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. My mother passed away on Mother's Day and in her honor my sisters and I get out one of her old china tea set cups and toast her with her tradition cuppa hot tea. Cheers to mom! My son joined me for the Indian buffet at Nirlep restaurant where we cleverly thought we might miss the usual Mother's day crowd. We were correct.

Meanwhile Charleston/Mt. Pleasant has a traffic fiasco this evening with the Wando bridge and 526 West bound being shut down. It may be a good evening to stay snug and tight. Be safe out there.

13 May 2018

Flower beds at Hampton Park

Hampton Park, Charleston, SC   
High-five to the gardeners of Charleston County Parks. Skip the purchased Mother's Day bouquet and take mom to Hampton Park. It is a colorful living bouquet at this time of year.

12 May 2018

Our Sago palms survived the winter

Fresh growth on Sago palm, Charleston, SC
Our sago palms took a chilling hit during Charleston's freak winter snow storm. I took everyone's advice and tried to believe there was hope. Tada! These aren't mine but ones I spotted with fresh new fronds on my morning walk. Welcome back! Mine is going to survive as well.